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Haystax is Now Secure Passage

Motivated to address and act on the blended threat vectors coming from a growing mix of physical and digital security devices, Haystax announces a name change to Secure Passage and a renewed focus on converged security—It is our objective to provide a secure passage for our customers by architecting security into all products we build. This change further aligns our team with an unwavering focus to deliver the industry’s preeminent converged security products and services.

“This marks a pivotal moment for our company as we further commit to providing Cyber Physical security innovations for the ever changing challenge that security has become for businesses, governments, and individuals. Meeting a compounding need for sophisticated and converged security, Secure Passage combines the software, tools, experience, and know-how to combine and act on converged security data.”

—Gary Fish, Chairman & CEO

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Empowering Public Safety

Secure Passage for Fortified Security

Secure Passage leads the way in public safety, trusted by states and cities nationwide. Our unified platform empowers agencies to efficiently plan, detect, and respond to evolving threats. With dynamic insights, rapid intelligence, and seamless collaboration, Secure Passage ensures maximum coordination for confident, community-wide decisions. Your safety is our priority – instant access to crucial information, collaborative work, and unwavering confidence. Secure Passage: Security and innovation for a safer tomorrow.

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School Security Simplified

Unified Solutions for Enhanced Safety

Discover the Secure Passage School Safety Dashboard – your central hub for simplified security. Unify cameras, assessments, threat streams, and incidents in one accessible platform. With role-based access for secure storage of FERPA and HIPAA protected data, Secure Passage sets the standard, connecting all stakeholders seamlessly. From facility assessments to behavioral evaluations, leverage our team's expertise for optimized security tools, ensuring safe learning environments.

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Enterprise Risks Neutralized

Know Your Risks. Focus Your Actions.

Secure Passage focuses on understanding assets in security, whether people, places, or things, with a comprehensive cataloging approach. Its patented risk management technology, driven by artificial intelligence, enhances personnel capabilities by swiftly monitoring and detecting threats, providing a unified operating picture. Secure Passage extends to global risk monitoring, offering 24/7 threat contextualization on any device for rapid response. Through seamless integration, the platform ensures end-to-end facility security awareness, leveraging existing investments to keep companies ahead in a dynamically evolving security landscape.

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Trusted Security Solutions

Secure Passage is on the GSA Schedule

We hold a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) with the Federal General Services Administration (GSA) for Special Item Numbers (SINs). While GSA enables federal agencies to procure a wide range of products and services, it is also available to State and Local agencies using GSA's Cooperative Purchasing.

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Transformative Threat Intelligence

Securing Your Path Forward with Proactive and Transformative Threat Intelligence Solutions

Secure Passage's Threat Intelligence Services: empowering enterprises to effectively manage risks. Our integrated platform streamlines incident management, offering real-time global risk monitoring and alerts. Ensure comprehensive asset awareness and fortify security postures with our AI-driven applications. Transform your threat intelligence approach with Secure Passage, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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