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Experience Drives Success

Secure Passage combines the wisdom and experience of highly-seasoned security leaders, beginning with our Chairman & CEO, Gary Fish.

Since 1996, Gary has founded and driven success in over a dozen security companies, always focused on the strength of customer relationships and with a genuine interest to deliver meaningful outcomes that provide clear, actionable, solutions.

Secure Passage provides innovative security solutions for schools, communities, and businesses using our platform, which uniquely integrates intelligence, data, and insights for a comprehensive view accessible to all stakeholders. Leveraging our expertise in cybersecurity, homeland security, military, and public safety, we enhance and secure mission-critical operations.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Unified Solutions for Enhanced Safety

At Secure Passage, we embody the principle that "It's all security to us." Our core mission revolves around the meticulous identification, organization, and prioritization of key digital and physical security data. By streamlining this information into a secure 'source of truth,' we ensure its ready availability for both routine operations and critical emergency responses.

Under the leadership of Gary Fish, our team comprises devoted professionals who seamlessly integrate security into every facet of their work. This dedication not only safeguards sensitive customer data but also fortifies the integrity of the organizations we partner with.

With a foundation built on decades of expertise in digital security, physical security, intelligence, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, and education, our team members are not just practitioners but innovators. We pride ourselves on contributing a wealth of planning, operational knowledge, and experience to your organization, aiming to seamlessly integrate with your team and enhance your security posture.

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Enterprise Risks Neutralized

Know Your Risks. Focus Your Actions.

Secure Passage focuses on understanding assets in security, whether people, places, or things, with a comprehensive cataloging approach. Its patented risk management technology, driven by artificial intelligence, enhances personnel capabilities by swiftly monitoring and detecting threats, providing a unified operating picture. Secure Passage extends to global risk monitoring, offering 24/7 threat contextualization on any device for rapid response. Through seamless integration, the platform ensures end-to-end facility security awareness, leveraging existing investments to keep companies ahead in a dynamically evolving security landscape.

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