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Achieve Your School Security Goals

Secure Passage offers a unified solution for school security, linking all parties to meet security goals. It acts as a trusted source for Facility Assessments, helping schools conduct, report, and store vital safety and security data. Its HIPAA-compliant Behavioral Assessments provide a multidisciplinary, fact-based approach for managing potential threats, emphasizing proactive school safety.

Secure Passage also enhances existing security measures, integrating tools like cameras and badges. Schools can manage vital safety data, including emergency plans and maps, with tailored safety profiles for each institution. The Secure Passage team, comprising former law enforcement and security experts, as well as educators, leverages its deep understanding of school security challenges to stay ahead of ongoing and emerging threats, ensuring safe educational environments.

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School Safety Dashboard

The Secure Passage School Safety Dashboard revolutionizes the way school security data is organized and acted upon. By integrating various safety components—cameras, assessments, threat streams, and incidents—it creates a unified and visual representation of all the safety elements within a school's environment. This comprehensive assembly of data ensures that nothing is overlooked and that every piece of information contributes to a clearer understanding of the school’s security status.

In addition to its integrative capabilities, the dashboard is meticulously designed with role-based access controls. This crucial feature enables tailored assignment of responsibilities and ensures secure handling of sensitive information, adhering to FERPA and HIPAA regulations. The dashboard's structure not only aids in efficient case management but also guarantees the confidentiality and proper follow-up of each case. The Secure Passage School Safety Dashboard, therefore, stands as an essential tool for administrators and security professionals, offering a streamlined, secure, and comprehensive approach to managing school safety and responding to potential threats with precision and confidence.