January 3, 2024

School Security Interdiction

Houston-area first responders were facing a highly dynamic and rapidly evolving public and school safety emergency.

And like many school safety incidents, arriving first responders needed immediate access to accurate data and information – including facility maps – to assess their situation and act quickly.

While no students, staff or police were injured, and the suspect quickly detained – Houston Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Administrator David Lindsey, and Nathan Byrd, MSM Critical Infrastructure Liaison, attribute use of Haystax real-time intelligence and data to ensure safe rapid responses across teams and jurisdictions with a common view.

The greater Houston area is considered by DHS among the highest threat urban areas in the nation. And we’re certainly proud of seeing Haystax used so effectively by the Houston Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) team and various stakeholders to keep their community safer.

Haystax allows Houston to know it’s entire school community – and does the same at the state-level in partnership with the Florida Department of Education and their lawmakers to secure all 6,000+ public schools.

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