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Monitor Global Risks

Secure Passage delivers a streamlined solution for businesses of all sizes to proactively manage threats and hazards. Available 24/7 on any device, it provides actionable intelligence for swift response to risks. Key features include real-time monitoring of digital and physical threats, and geo-located alerts for incidents and events, keeping teams informed and ready at all times.

Data integration in Secure Passage is presented on a digital map, boosting situational awareness. This user-friendly map shows threat details, real-time weather, traffic, and hazard updates. It also incorporates sensor and camera data, along with third-party intelligence feeds, offering security teams a complete view of their operational environment for improved decision-making and faster response.

a strong foundation

Know Your Assets

The foundation of your organization's security posture starts with a fundamental question: "What assets am I protecting?" Whether these assets are physical locations, personnel, or valuable items, Secure Passage offers a comprehensive system that allows for meticulous cataloging and thorough understanding of these assets. This step is crucial before making any security-related decisions and implementing data from security controls.

Once integrated into Secure Passage, its AI-driven risk management technology enhances your security team's efficiency. It continuously monitors assets, detects threats, analyzes risks, and communicates results. This system offers a unified view for timely response to threats and incident management. Secure Passage keeps your team ahead, streamlining asset protection and simplifying incident response.

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establish a perimeter

Protect Your Facilities

Secure Passage provides a flexible security platform suitable for all business sizes, ensuring thorough security awareness for facilities. It efficiently manages detailed information about physical assets, including floor plans, emergency protocols, photos, and contacts. The platform enhances security management by linking incidents, events, and safety assessments to specific assets, promoting organization and efficiency.

Secure Passage excels in analyzing aggregated data to identify potential security risks, aiding in threat prevention and mitigation. Its design allows seamless integration with existing sensors and hardware, enabling companies to enhance their security without replacing current systems. This results in a holistic, integrated solution for facility security, bolstering infrastructures with advanced analytics.

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