manage any risk

Threat Intelligence Services

Our enterprise threat intelligence solutions enable organizations to manage complex risks and ensure business resilience by integrating incident and event management on a unified platform. The Haystax Platform by Secure Passage offers a suite of security applications that alert leaders to critical threats and enable security teams to oversee incidents and manage information for facilities worldwide, supporting business continuity for enterprises of all sizes. This streamlined approach helps organizations proactively secure operations and maintain resilience.

Anytime, anywhere

Monitor Global Risks

Haystax provides 24/7 threat awareness on any device, offering actionable intelligence for quick, confident responses to risks. It monitors digital and physical threats in real-time, sends geo-located alerts, and integrates data on a digital map with additional feeds like weather and traffic, catering to companies of any size.

a mighty arsenal

Know Your Assets

Your organization's security begins by identifying assets to protect. Haystax lets you catalog assets—places, people, or things—before making security decisions. Once assets are in the Haystax Platform, its AI-driven risk management technology boosts your team's ability to monitor assets, detect threats, and analyze risks. This unified approach helps your team spot and manage threats efficiently with a single incident management system.