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TRAINFO and Secure Passage Partner to Enhance Rail Crossing Observability and Safety

[Kansas City, June 4, 2024] — Secure Passage, a leading converged security company, and TRAINFO, an AI-powered rail insights platform, are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership aimed at enhancing rail crossing observability and safety. This collaboration seeks to mitigate delays in emergency response times caused by blocked rail crossings, a crucial issue where one-in-30 first responder trips are affected, typically increasing response time by more than three minutes.

TRAINFO leverages advanced sensors and a proprietary, patented process to predict train movements and determine when rail crossings will be blocked. This innovative technology provides real-time information to drivers, traffic managers, and emergency dispatchers, effectively reducing traffic congestion, collision risks, and delays for first responders. Previously, first responders would only know about a blocked crossing upon visual confirmation of a train. With TRAINFO’s predictive capabilities, emergency services can now anticipate these obstructions and plan alternative routes accordingly. This proactive approach is critical, given that blocked rail crossings can delay emergency response times by more than three minutes, which can be the difference between life and death in critical situations.

Secure Passage brings to the table its expertise in comprehensive security solutions, integrating digital and physical security tools to enhance overall safety. Their patented risk management technology, driven by artificial intelligence, offers a unified operating picture by swiftly monitoring and detecting threats. Secure Passage’s platform extends to global risk monitoring, providing 24/7 threat contextualization on any device, ensuring rapid response capabilities.

“By combining our predictive train data with Secure Passage’s comprehensive security monitoring, we are setting a new standard for rail crossing safety and emergency response efficiency,” said Garreth Rempel, CEO of TRAINFO. “This partnership will significantly enhance our ability to keep first responders and the communities they serve safe and informed.”

For more information, please contact:

Kirk Cerny
Chief Operating Officer

Garreth Rempel

TRAINFO is an AI-powered rail insights platform that predicts train movements and determines when rail crossings will be blocked, providing critical information to reduce traffic congestion, collision risk, and first responder delays.

Secure Passage develops products and services to serve both digital and physical security. Our technology provides a unified operating picture for comprehensive threat detection and response, ensuring global security monitoring and facility security awareness.